About Swingers Diner

Before the movie, before eating organic was commonplace, before the Fairfax District became a scene, Swingers Diner was born. After opening in 1993, the LA Times described the retro, Americana-inspired diner as “a magnet for LA’s young and attitudinal.” The restaurant’s name, a playful nod to the 1960s and chosen intentionally for its ambiguous meaning, has always been a tongue-in-cheek provocation. Thrillist says, “Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the diner Swingers is famous for opening its doors to some of Hollywood's most familiar movie stars.

The old-fashioned spot offers classic diner eats, a sweet patio and varied brunch options for celebrities and civilians alike, making it both an iconic neighborhood landmark, and delicious all-day spot.” Time Out echoes these sentiments: “Whether you’re looking for some drunk food after a very late night out or just want to enjoy a laid-back diner meal during the day, Swingers has you covered.”

In the tradition of all quality diners, a classic jukebox with tunes ranging from the Beastie Boys to Erykah Badu to the Beatles provides a soundtrack befitting the restaurant’s motto, “Ass, cash or grass, nobody eats for free.” With early morning and late-night hours (8am-3am), and vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, it doesn’t get more iconically LA than Swingers.